COSHH Consultancy

From initial policy review to hazardous risk assessments, we have an end-to-end COSHH Consultancy offer for you.

As a business, it is your responsibility to manage the risks of potential ill health and injury to your employees. Whether it is initial policy reviews, risk assessments, or ongoing management of potential issues, Arco Professional Safety Services can support you with an end to end COSHH consultancy offer.

As an employer, you should always look to eliminate exposure to hazardous substances and, where this is not possible, prevent potential exposure and control that exposure to minimise impacts upon the workforce. Additionally, whatever control measures are implemented the use must be enforced, and where engineering controls are used these must be inspected and tested by competent engineers. 

Our specialist consultants can carry out fully comprehensive COSHH Assessments for organisations which will:

Identify the inherent hazards of the substance

Evaluate the risks in using the substance in a particular process or processes

Determine the required control measures

Inform users and any others who may be affected of the control measures


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