Occupational Hygiene

Our team of experts can support you in assessing short and long term workplace risks

There are many hazards that can expose workers to the risk of exposure to harm. This harm can occur from many sources from a short-term physical injury to exposure to substances that can have long-term acute or chronic effects.

Occupational Hygiene monitoring will allow you to identify and quantify the hazard, understand what practical measures can be introduced to eliminate or reduce the hazard to a safe level. Alternatively, Occupational Hygiene monitoring can be used as an effective tool to check existing control measures are performing effectively. Examples of our services include:

Noise Assessments 
Air & Dust Monitoring
• Whole-body vibration
• Hand Arm Vibration
• Lighting 
• LEV Testing
• Legionella 
• Air Purity Testing 
Face Fit Testing
Environmental Noise Assessment

Our team of experts are fully competent in undertaking these assessments and we will make sure that the most competent team is allocated to your site depending on your specific requirements. 

Many workplace assessments require qualified and specific personnel, which many businesses do not employ resulting in the need for outsourcing these requirements. Arco Professional Safety Services can provide all of these assessments meeting current industry requirements and legislative needs.