Portadavit Systems

High quality aluminium portable lifting and access systems

Gaining safe access to and working safely in confined spaces, is imperative when you are working in high risk environments such as a confined spaces. The nature of this work must be properly planned by qualified and competent people and having the right equipment to enable access, egress and rescue is essential. Click for more information on our confined space training courses

The PortaDavit solutions give you maximum choice and flexibility to fit a wide variety of openings and different worksite scenarios. These specialist access systems are expertly engineered through the use of lightweight aluminium. The systems are suitable for use across a diverse range of industries that includes; water and wastewater, oil and gas, aviation, construction, food processing, heavy manufacturing and more.

The highly durable PORTADAVIT is Lightweight, high tensile alloy – strong yet light davit. Its Portable within manual handling guidelines - 35kg assembled.
Easy to use – multi piece, system.

The PORTADAVIT is available in a range of standard configurations. It can also be customised in line with specific requirements and interchangeable components (subject to WLL rating).

Our PORTADAVIT QUANTUM is a rapidly deployable, lightweight solution to heavy lifting and lowering of goods. Weighing just 23.5kg when fully assembled, it can be manually operated by just one person while maintaining a lifting capacity up to 600kg.

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