Customer Asset Tracking

Managed Services

Managing your employees training, medicals, equipment and lifting accessories/inspections and portable appliance testing can be time consuming and costly to you and often gets overlooked during busy times.

Our managed services offer is designed to allow the employer to focus on their core business rather than burden over stretched resources with these requirements. 

Reduce your administrative costs by allowing us to take care of this for you, giving you peace of mind that your employee training requirements are managed and your equipment inspections are scheduled and compliance records are fully up to date with legislation. 

Customer Asset Tracking Platform

Using our experience of 25 years in the business we have developed an online customer asset tracking platform that captures all this information in one place, making it easy for customers to view and manage training expiry dates, certificates, PPE inspections, re-testing of fall protection systems and associated documents 24/7.

There are three levels of service available to you (silver, gold and platinum), depending on the level of control you wish to have and giving you a choice based on your individual needs. For more detailed information on all the features and benefits of each level and to determine which one is right for you, click here. (link to pdf of the three tiers)

Some of the features and benefits across the levels include:

  • Full visibility of employee safety training records, certificates and dates
  • View the inspection history of safety critical equipment and inspection dates
  • View and manage testing and recertification records of any fall protection systems such as wire systems (latchways etc), ladder systems, anchor points
  • Quickly identify upcoming training, medicals and other recertification needs
  • Scheduling of courses, medicals and equipment inspections in advance of expiry at agreed locations
  • Print or view staff training, medical & PPE certificates
  • Repair and servicing of PPE where possible
  • Paid stock holding option to minimise downtime
  • Servicing history log for safety critical equipment
  • Access to customised reports for auditing purposes
  • Management of safety critical product recalls
  • Access to technical advisory resource
  • Dedicated admin support and reminders from our Managed Services team
  • Discounts of training courses and equipment

Click here to log in to our customer asset tracking platform. Alternatively, contact us to request access.


Further consideration for equipment inspections

Often businesses confuse an asset checklist (for example from an insurance company) for a formal equipment inspection from an accredited specialist. Be aware that insurance companies may provide an inventory list (numbers, make, model, type) to ensure there is adequate insurance cover rather than completing a thorough inspection. It is important to check that the service you are getting is in line with the relevant standards.

All our inspectors are fully accredited and undertake rigorous training and regular audits and have access to a broad range of equipment at our training centres.

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