Stormseal Training

Stormseal is a strong polyethylene film that heat shrinks to cover a damaged roof or wall, providing secure protection from wind, rain and hail, until permanent repairs are made.

stormseal training

Unlike flapping, leaking tarpaulins – the traditional alternative, which usually require multiple reattachments, using ropes and sandbags – Stormseal stays put, providing lasting peace of mind.

Faster, cheaper and easier to install than a tarp, the low-density Stormseal film is cut and tailored at the worksite. It is heat cured, increasing the strength of the film and fitting it snugly to the structure, without damaging any underlying materials.

Stormseal weighs less than one-third as much as, and requires less than one-eighth of the storage space of, a comparable area of tarpaulin.

Stormseal is an innovative, highly cost-effective, versatile, premium product, for use by emergency responders, during insurance claim repairs, and in construction.


Become a Stormseal Accredited Installer
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Students who are deemed competent will receive a Statement of Attainment from Arco Professional Safety Services Ltd. 

Additionally, successful students will receive a certificate and wallet card stating Stormseal Accredited Installer.

Course Overview

Stormseal is an innovative, patented, Australian product designed to provide emergency storm damage protection for homes and businesses. This  course covers theoretical and practical aspects of installing Stormseal.

During the course we will assist you to develop safe work method statements and risk assessments for installing Stormseal film whilst working at height. This course will enable you to comply with current WAH legislation with successful trainees receiving a nationally recognised Statement of Attainment.

Training is conducted at our purpose built training facilities. Stormseal installation at heights training is focused on Stormseal film installation together with fall prevention rather than fall arrest. It is designed to equip workers with the knowledge and skills to safely install Stormseal in any height situation, primarily being aimed at insurance works, mainstream construction, including residential & commercial as well as strata & maintenance.

Total Access recognises that whilst there is a standard set of learning outcomes for this course, the context and environment in which the learning is applied is varied. We will always customise the course to suit your unique workplace requirements. Training covers risk assessment, selection and correct use of Stormseal products, rigging and of anchor systems, fall restraint, work positioning and fall arrest systems.

Course Outline
  • Regulations and legislation
  • Stormseal product overview
  • Stormseal installation instruction and practical
  • Risk assessment and hazard elimination
  • Equipment selection and use
  • Anchor systems, selecting solid and reliable anchorage, with focus on temporary anchor systems on residential roofs
  • Fall restraint systems, selection of equipment and correct use
  • Work positioning systems, selection of equipment and correct use
  • The use of Stormseal in an "at-height" environment
  • Fall arrest systems
  • Using energy absorbing lanyards
  • Correct use of ladders and ladder safety training
  • Training conducted by a Stormseal-approved Height Safety Specialist
  • Two days of training for up to 6 trainees per course
  • Knowledge on relevant legislation and Working at Height Regulations
  • Recommendations and advice for specialised PPE and equipment for your particular workplace
  • Advice on risk control methods for the type of work at height to be undertaken
  • Plenty of practical hands on training to ensure workers can be safe at height