Equipment Maintenance and Servicing

Equipment Servicing and Maintenance

Having the right equipment, in full working order with up-to-date test documentation, is an essential part of ensuring the health and safety of any workforce.

We’re focussed on delivering quality, reliability and efficiency in our safety solutions. That’s why in most cases, we can calibrate, service and repair products on site. We also keep you compliant, by testing and maintaining our equipment to comply with the latest legislation and regulation.

Dedicated Service Centres

We have dedicated equipment centres in Bracknell, Stafford, Warrington and Linlithgow, with engineers and technicians who have been formally trained to the highest standards by us and the major equipment manufacturers.

Our equipment service centres offer servicing, maintenance and inspection of a range of safety critical equipment including:

PPE inspections including lanyards, harnesses, fall arrest blocks & helmets
RPE servicing and maintenance including powered respirators, breathing apparatus & escape sets
Formal (COSHH) inspections of powered respirators and full face masks
Gas detection servicing and calibrations – see video here 
BA cylinder refills 

Scheduled Maintenance and Calibrations

It is vital that equipment is tested and maintained to ensure that it complies with legislation and regulations (PPE regulations 2002).

Scheduled maintenance and calibrations should be undertaken to ensure your kit is in full working order with the correct, current test documentation. Our engineers follow a regulated equipment issue and inspection process to maintain all equipment to safe and legal standards. Only authorised persons are permitted to inspect and service equipment. Trained and certified by the major manufacturers to the highest standards required, our engineers maintain your equipment so that you can depend on it when you need it the most.

Recommended Inspection Schedules

Inspection is a crucial aspect of safety and PPE in the workplace. You can trust that you're protecting your people and your business to the highest possible standards, thanks to our rigorous inspection processes. The following inspections are required/recommended under the relevant standards and legislation:

Lifting Equipment (tripods, winches, recovery blocks) should be serviced annually under LOLER (Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998). Lifting equipment used for man riding should also be inspected every six months by a competent person (note: typically carried out by the manufacturers service agent and not to be confused with an insurance inspection).
Fall Arrest Equipment (fall arrest blocks, harnesses, lanyards) is typically inspected every six months. Note: inspection should not be confused with testing.
Breathing Apparatus & Respiratory Equipment should be inspected on a monthly basis and serviced annually. Additionally, compressed air cylinders should be tested every five years and the breathing apparatus sets themselves typically require additional major services/overhauls on a six to 10 yearly basis, depending upon manufacturer.
Airline Breathing Equipment air supply should be air-quality tested at least every three months and more frequently when the air supply cannot be assured. Additionally, mobile air supply (compressors) should be tested whenever re-sited.
Gas Detectors (portable and fixed) typically require calibrating every six months - see video here

Competent Persons

Inspections must be undertaken by a competent person, who has the relevant knowledge and experience in the subject. With access to a wide range of branded equipment in our safety centres, all our inspectors undertake rigorous training and regular audits, plus they carry cards to prove their competence. As extra reassurance, our inspectors have full technical support from our training and technical teams. Additionally, our inspectors are advised of any manufacturer recalls. 

Sundstrom Servicing Packages
Many companies fail to consider or implement respiratory protective equipment (RPE) maintenance plans which could be putting employee health and company liability at risk. Let us take care of the complexities that come with issuing RPE and give you peace of mind that you’re providing adequate protection with our Sundström service packages.

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More information can be found in our equipment hire and maintenance brochure, which can be download here, or contact us on 0330 390 0822 or email